This is the AGBIC2021 jam version. You can wishlist the full game on steam or find it here.

Polychromia is a simple, yet challenging puzzle game were you create flowers by "filling" circles with color. Mix and blend colors together in this calm and relaxing experience.
The name "Polychromia" comes from the greek words πολύ (many/much) + χρώμα (color), meaning "with many colors".

For a level to be completed, you must fill the whole board with colors and connect the hollow circles with the same colored lines. Overlap lines to blend their colors together and create new ones.

Originally created for the "A game by its cover" 2021 game jam.
Loosely based on the fictional famicase art "NEOCHROME" by Dan Ingman

As this is not only my first game jam but my first game that I've created overall, it was an amazing experience. I hope you enjoy playing it as much as I enjoyed making it! :)

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(17 total ratings)
TagsAbstract, Casual, Colorful, Cute, mind-bending, Mouse only, Relaxing, Singleplayer


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I am just to stupid for most puzzle games but here I at least managed to get to level 5! So great game with a novel idea (at least for me) :)

Thank you! Glad you liked it :)

Great twist on the "color paths" mechanism! This would totally kill all those other games on mobile XD

Thank you so much! I am developing a full version for mobile and steam ^^

was so stumped on levels  7 and 9. great mechanic!

Thank you!


Lovely game! Hope you keep working on it! Would love to have it on my smartphone.




Nice job!


Thank you!

You're welcome! ❤️

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Hey, that is a beautiful and clever game. The soundtrack is perfect. Congrats, man!

(There are some tiny visual design decisions that I'd personally change, but again, they're tiiiny and it's just my point of view.)


Thanks a lot! I would love to know about the changes you would make. UI design is not my strong suit so I'm always trying to improve :) 


Thanks for the spirit!

- I'd try to make the UI color palette (icons, text, squares...) more consistent with the main colors of the game (those blue, red, green and yellow of the game). This tool helps a lot ⇒

- The stage number ("3/9") takes a very important place on the screen, while is not as important info while the player is playing.

- The icons at the top, while they're pretty clear, look pretty standard and dull to me. Again, they're clear, and that is crucial.

Let me know if you agree. I'm not an expert either, but tell me if you need help with anything.

Thank you for the feedback! The icpns are indeed the standard icons you'll see everywhere so I was thinking asking a graphic designer friend of mine for a ui overhaul. Also what would you put in the place of the stage number? I was thinking of having  a move counter and a timer but I didnt have time since I barely caught the jam's deadline. Maybe in the post jam version :) 


I'm not sure about what would I put instead of a stage (or let's say level) number. I mean, it's fine to have that info available, where the player can see it if he/she wants to know where he/she's at; just maybe smaller and not in the centre. Maybe something like "level 3/9" in one of the lower corners? Not sure; I'd try and see.

I love it, it is very creative and polished. I'm really stuck at level 5 xd.


Thanks a lot! It seems many people get stuck on lvl 5... You got to think in terms of how the colors blend or invert. If you still cannot solve it and want to see the rest I can tweet you the answer :)

Thanks, I could solve it, and just finished the game. I loved it. If you are thinking of adding more levels it would be awesome, I really enjoyed it.


Glad you liked it! Im planning on adding more levels and releasing it for mobile in the near future :)


very nice puzzle game

although level 5 won't complete even with all 3 holes connected, which i could play the rest


Thank you! Make sure a line passes through every square of the board as well. Every empty square must have a color additionally to the holes being connected :) 

Wow, such a fun game! I couldn't get passed 5 D:


Glad you like it! Hint: at least one line should pass through every square in addition to having the hollow circles filled :)